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Warren Zevon Fangirls Anonymous

poor poor pitiful Z

Warren Zevon Fangirls (and guys)
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The few, the proud, the Warren Zevon fangirls.

"Fangirls?" you ask, bewildered and slightly frightened. Fear not. We are merely a group of young, (but not neccesarily) female, (but not neccesarily) Warren Zevon fans who appreciate not only his music, wit, incredible intelligence and lyricism ... but his insane sexiness as well.

In layman's terms, we think Warren Zevon was (is) hot, from his shiny blond hair to his gorgeous lips to his biceps (the man was BUILT, ladies, BUILT.) to his sparkling personality etc etc. If you agree, join, join, join away. Post pictures, ramble, drool, mourn, pray his son never finds this community, whatever. Fanfiction is not completely off limits, but no hardcore porn out of respect for the dead. Although I highly doubt Warren would care, and would in fact find us vaguely amusing in that cute, wry little way of his. <3

She really worked me over good
She was a credit to her gender
She put me through some changes lord
Sorta like a waring blender ...

-Poor Poor Pitiful Me