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No one posts here anymore! So sad :(

Um..what to say, what to say.

Well, this was a while back, when Crystal Zevon's book came out, in 2007 (?), but a week or so after the book came out I went to a reading/signing she did in Cambridge, MA and got to meet her.

So, that was amazing!

Then, in October of last year, I visited my cousin who now lives in Barre, VT. You know who else lives in Barre, VT? Warren's daughter Ariel and her family! If you didn't know, she runs a farmers market/cafe type place called LACE (local agricultural community exchange). So I stopped in, had some great food, and met her. Such a nice gal. I told her how much I love her dad :) I was back up there a few months ago with my boyfriend (who I've gotten into Warren's music) and met her again :)

A few weeks ago, I went to a reading/signing for Carl Hiaasen's new book "Star Island" (hilarious guy! I can see how he and Warren were friends). I wore my Warren t-shirt for the occasion, and Mr. Hiaasen got a big kick out of it. He said he loved it, and he signed my book to "an excitable girl" - so awesome!!

I guess that's all. I just felt like this place needed an update! It's too quiet!

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“Poor Poor Pitiful Me” is the story of the worst kind of philanderer—the self-pitying kind, who maintains an air of disbelief even as he bangs women left and right. At the beginning of the song he half-heartedly attempts suicide, but he’s soon back at it—and though his words are self-pitying, his tone isn’t.

What a joy is the music critic with no understanding of irony. It's like finding a flower bloom in winter.

(Admittedly, it's not the most 'off' interpretation of WZ, I guess, but this whole article is weak tea - 'Backs Turned...' is "quite lovely", is it? Is there a reason you're hedging your bets?)

I'm finally catching up with Continuum's 331/3 series; does anyone have any ideas about who should write the perfect WZ:WZ entry?


YOU GUYS. I so just met somebody who knew Warren. We were at a Minus 5 show and one of the guys in the band is Peter Buck from REM. I totally wasn't even thinking about the connection, but then they played a cover of "Carmelita" (which was really fuckin' sweet by the way) and afterwards they talked about how he was so brilliant and "a piece of work, and Peter should know!" So afterwards we got to talk to him for a minute. Me: "So was he as crazy as they say? Worse?" Him: "When he was drinking, worse. When he wasn't, he was just a little weird, but he was a good guy, I liked him." And I said I've read all the crazy stuff in the book and he said, "There was a lot of shit that didn't get in there." Then I said how he is my dead boyfriend. And I shook his hand. Two degrees of Warren separation, y'all. OMG.
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Excitable Boys and Werewolves of Singapore

It's probably some distance for you to come, but just so you know: the "psychopop" power-duo called Etc will pay tribute to the memory of Warren Zevon on the 5th anniversary of his death as part of their mammoth Bassless Complaints gig tomorrow: 06 Sep 2008 (Sat) at P.O.W. - 101 Dunlop Street, Little India (between Serangoon & Sim Lim), Singapore. 9.30pm till late.

You are invited to join in with your best lupine howls from wherever you are while Etc provide a live karaoke backing of 'Werewolves of London' for any number of special guest performers, some of whom -we are pleased to announce- are bona-fide applicants to the forthcoming Singapore version of a TV show called Don't Forget the Lyrics. None of them have been called back since their auditions, which is weird as they seem sufficiently odd to make for entertaining TV. One of them is trading under the Excitable Boy moniker. 

This tribute was instigated by bestselling writer Gerrie Lim - a Zevon-expert who conducted several excellent interviews with Warren over the years - and who may also be performing other Zevon numbers at this show as part of the Accidental Martyrs. Really. Singapore. Who'd have thought it?

If you can't see Etc live in Singapore, then another place you can see them is:  Enjoy your sandwiches.

Anybody home?

I was SO very excited to have found this community, and then I noticed how quiet it is! Is anyone still here?
I'd love to know what you guys think of the Crystal Zevon book?

Well, about me . . . My name is Shannon, I'm from MA. I'm 26. I've been a Warren fan for my whole life, but more so now, in the past 2 or 3 years than ever before. The new Preludes disc set is my ultimate favorite to listen to, and although I can't pick an ultimate favorite Warren song, I'd say The French Inhaler is wayyy up there. I got my brother a Warren Zevon songbook for the guitar for Christmas, and he's been practicing it for me! :-)

Anyways, if there is anyone here still, I'll share a picture!
This is my new puppy, Zevon. Read more...Collapse )
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a video and some icons

I found the "Werewolves Of London" video on YouTube! :D Ugh he's so adorable, and I don't mean the werewolf ;)

I also made a bunch of Warren icons :)
I'd like to meet his tailorCollapse )

If you take any of the icons, please credit me :) Thanks!

Preludes and Crystal Zevon's book come out tomorrow! I preordered both from so I should get them soon :) Yay!

<3 Eliza
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